Friday, December 4, 2020

A Little Early Christmas Cheer

I had not really stitched in months.  I know I am not alone in this.  Though we find ourselves at home due to Covid-19, so much has turned topsy turvy.  I had finally carved out some time to stitch and I wanted to stitch something frivolous and full of joy.  Something that was a small project just purely for the joy of stitching. 

Vintage Cerarmic Christmas Tree
Vintage Ceramic Christmas Tree as shown on Southern Living

I started thinking about my absolutely favorite Christmas decoration my Mom had when growing up-- her ceramic Christmas tree.  I loved how the ornaments would light up and how you could move them around to different pegs.  Recently, I looked them up and found that to my surprise these charming little tress were now "trendy"!  A find that both made me giggle and twinge with a bit of sadness.  My mom had the traditional green one and there was a small chip in it that just made it more special to me.  In my search for images of ones like my Mom's, I found this fun video showing Molly Sanyour, a contemporary potter, creating her own modern versions.  

I decided I wanted to stitch my own little tree reminiscent of my Mom's ceramic tree but in my beloved metal threads and wires.  I wanted this piece to exude cheer and joy and embrace a slight wonkiness that so many Christmas heirlooms have.  

The result was this little Christmas tree created with loops of colored metal purls and combining other metal work techniques with beads and crystals.  

Then since it brought me so much joy and since my kids loved this piece, I made it into a virtual workshop and kit to share with others.  And, I stitched another one!  This time I used a mix of emerald green and Grinch green purls.  

And because this one was so much fun, I kept stitching different versions to give to friends.  These move fairly quickly and (and this detail is important) is something I can easily stitch for 5 minutes here and there between other responsibilities.  I'll share those soon-- I don't want to spoil their surprise!  

I wish everyone reading this post a safe, healthy and magical holiday season.  As many of us find ourselves having to forgo our usual traditions, I hope we are able to find joy in the tiny details and new ways of celebrating together, and I look forward to when it is safe to gather again.  Happiest of Holidays to everyone for whichever holiday you celebrate this season!


  1. These are lovely, and give me an idea for doing something similar with a leftover length of seed beads spun onto a thread for another project...

    1. Thank you so much and seed beads could be so much fun to experiment with something like this!