Wednesday, May 27, 2015

RSN Canvaswork: Progress After the Weekend and Day 5

I thought when I was preparing for my canvaswork module that canvas stitches are bigger so that would mean that they would definitely go quicker.  HA!!!!!!!  They do not.  I am really enjoying this technique though and love mixing the colors-- which is a good thing because the color mixing I think takes as long as the stitching.  

This weekend I finished the neck and one side of the sky and put in a bit more greenery.  Yesterday "Take Out Tuesday" struck me with a vengeance.  I spent the morning (literally the whole morning) picking out.  In the afternoon, I started work on the sleeve.  If you will notice, the stripes follow the drape of the shoulder and sleeves and present an interesting problem/challenge for the canvas stitches.  The horizontal stripes are horizontal Parisian, vertical stripes are vertical Parisian and the diagonal fold is diagonal Parisian.  I'm presently working on finishing up the diagonal part before class so Tracy and I can figure out how all these directions are going to meet and follow the shoulder line.  

 Neck in diagonal ground. 

 "Take Out Tuesday" in action

Progress at end of Day 5

Friday, May 22, 2015

RSN Canvaswork: Progress Day 3

At the end of Day 3, I have been working on the stripes for the top and the butterfly.  

I quite like the color mixing and the texture of the canvaswork.  Mixing the threads takes a lot of the time but I think it worth it.  The stripes on the shirt are mixes of DMC stranded cottons and Valdani variegated stranded cotton.   The butterly is composed of mixes of DMC stranded cotton, DMC stranded rayon, DMC stranded metallic, and Valdani variegated stranded cotton.  Maybe I can put the butterfly's body in today so I can say I've finished something! 

For now, on to putting in some more stripes before class officially starts for the day.  The other night I gave myself the homework of pre-mixing all my thread combinations so that is saving a bit of time here in class.  

Thursday, May 21, 2015

RSN: Canvaswork

My last RSN Certificate module has started!!!  I embarked on my canvaswork piece on Tuesday and will be hopefully making loads of progress between now and next Friday.  

The design I am using is an illustration that was on the cover of Vogue UK in May 1936.  It's been a bit tricky knowing who to credit for it as I have come across a couple different credits.  The Vogue UK website credits Alix Zeilinger for the cover, however it was also the illustration for the cover of Vogue US in May 1934 with the dress yellow and black striped.  It's a new thing for me to not use a design of my own as my other modules have all been designs I have created it.  Canvaswork is not a technique I am very used to though and all the ideas that I was coming up with did not seem to be the best for the module at hand.  I have made a couple changes in that I have added more garden at the bottom and have added a couple sprigs of Lily-of-the-Valley (I kind of felt it needed it!).

On Tuesday, I spent most of the day transferring my design and framing up.  I started on the sky towards the end of the afternoon.  I had terrible jet lag and so was not making lots of "fast" progress.  Yesterday, I started more of the stitching working on the greenery and starting the shirt.  Lots more photos to come as I make a bit more progress!