Wednesday, June 8, 2016

RSN Canvaswork: More Stitches Have Gone In!

Yesterday I decided to finish the bottom portion of the bodice before attempting to fix/redo the collar bone area that is not working.  So for the moment, more stitches have gone in.  Surgery to remove the three stripes at the collar bone is scheduled for later this evening!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Operation "Finish RSN Canvaswork" has commenced ...

I am hoping beyond hope to get this lovely lady stitched up by the time I go to Durham in a few weeks to see Tracy.  I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to get on the train to stitch with her and my other friends!  I've even started thinking about what I might have for lunch at Leonard's! 

Here's where I ended today, keeping in mind that the left shoulder may come out-- my tweezers and scissors are on standy-by.  The tricky bit is that I do not know of a good way to solve the muddled-up bit around her collar bone (photo below).  

I may try some playing around with the colors I'm plying up.  I thought maybe I could cleverly strand inside the needle to make the transitions more delicate but honestly, I think that may cause more problems because then the jumps will seem bigger.  I've also considered dropping from a 4-2 horizontal Parisian to a 3-1 horizontal Parisian around the collar bone to shoulder.  However, I'm afraid of creating more distracting noise from that change in pattern and I'm not certain if that will actually solve anything.  It is at this moment that I would tell my students to stop saying "but I'm afraid it will" and to sample it out and actually see what it does.  Then again, maybe after I sleep things will miraculously look better in the morning (don't laugh it could happen... usually does not but it could!).  

 Progress at end of today.
Problem area.
How I was keeping track with which stripe I was working on.  Seriously, the black and white starts to make you a bit dizzy after a while!  I'm really enjoying all the delicate shading of it and the challenge of the draping on the blouse.  I just have to adjust my eyes more regularly because of the high contrast.
 What happens when your 3 year old discovers the Post It Note arrows.  I can't really blame him as they are pretty fun to play with!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

EAC: Inspiring Threads

I just got back last week from teaching in Toronto at the EAC Inspiring Threads Seminar.  It was so much fun!  I taught my Dandelion and Beehive workshops and presented at the Saturday night banquet.  I had two groups of wonderful and enthusiastic students and got to meet many, many interesting stitchers. 

They had a wonderful group of faculty too.  It was such an interesting mix of teachers incorporating very non-traditional techniques and very traditional techniques.  I finally got to meet Alison Cole!  I have followed her work for a number of years and have heard so much (all good!) about her from people that have taken her classes or taught with her at different events.  I would really love to take one of her stumpwork classes and one of the thread painting classes with Margot Kearney (I do not have a website for her but you can see an example of her work on the Canadian Embroiderer's Guild London, Ontario Facebook Page).

It constantly amazes me the generosity of the people that I meet at stitching events, from the students, organizers and teachers.  It has been humbling experiencing it from the "teacher" side in St. Petersburg, FL and in Toronto.  I look forward to teaching and participating at many more seminars to come!

And, a few photos of my student's work in the workshops I taught:
"All the Buzz" Beehive Goldwork Sampler workshop (2 days)
 Jayne finished her piece a few days after Seminar!  Check it out her beautiful final piece on the Ottawa Valley Guild of Stitchery's Facebook Page.
 Natalie finished hers too!  Check it out here on her Facebook Page, "Sew By Hand".    She experimented with variations on the basketweave and the couching colors to darken the beehive up. 

 "Dandelion of a Thousand Wishes" workshop (2 days): 
 My wonderful group of students picked me dandelions while at lunch! 

 I've already sketched up ideas to submit for EAC 2018 Seminar in Prince Edward Island (crossing my fingers I get to go back!).  And, (though this will not surprise anyone here) I've already looked up plane tickets to St. John's just "to check it out" because the seminar next year looks like it is going to be wonderful!