Monday, January 11, 2016

You Are So Very Beautiful - Collaborative Craftivism

I wanted to share with you the You Are So Very Beautiful craftivism project.   It was created by Betsy Greer of and organized into a collaborative craftivism project with Mary England of Uncustomary Art.  These mostly (though not all) stitched affirmations will be left for people to see and find throughout the city in a guerilla-style art drop in February.  They are currently collecting affirmations to spread around the city of Baltimore to remind people of how wonderful they are.  If you would like to learn more or participate by sending in affirmations or going to Baltimore and helping place them in the city, see the links that I have below!

Here's the link to Betsy's You Are So Very Beautiful project:  Craftivism: You Are So Very Beautiful 
Please check out her story and the reasons and how she created this beautiful project.   ---

Without getting too into the nitty-gritty of personal experience, I will say that sometimes the competitive nature of humans is disheartening.  Why is it that we are much more likely to choose to bring someone down than to choose empathy or encouragement?  So, when I saw this project, I was  excited about its possibilities.  I have wanted more ways to use my stitching as an encouragement to others.  I want to do a better job of showing others that they are loved, cherished, beautiful, talented, etc. 
This project really struck a chord with me as a project that illustrates the generosity of spirit in the stitchers that I have met throughout my life.  It never ceases to amaze me that in such a cutthroat and competitive world, there still are those gentle and kind few that despite disappointments and heartbreaks continue to choose to share their experience and stories joyously with the ones around them.

As I stitched these, I was reminded of the wonderful people in my life that remind me that I am loved and was allowed to let go of some of the negativity shot my direction.  I thought of the people that may find them and I thought and prayed that these simple affirmations would be a blessing and a little glimmer of hope and light that would remind them of how special they are.  Maybe, just maybe, they needed a whisper reminder of their amazingness.  Maybe they have no one in their lives that is brave or secure enough to tell them how special they are.  Maybe they have just had a really, really terrible day/week/year and need a reminder that they can get through it.  No matter how big or small the reminder, I hope these affirmations spread a bit of joy and love to the people that make them, place them and find them. 

So far, I've finished six of these pieces to send in to be placed around Baltimore by Betsy, Mary and their team of craftivists.  I'm hoping to get to stitch some more.   Some days you just need someone to believe in you, to tell you that you are special (or beautiful or cherished or loved).  Thank you to Betsy and Mary for creating this project and collaborative stitching opportunity.  And, to the many people that will find or see these in Baltimore- You Are So Very Beautiful!

If you would like to get involved, click on one of these links below to find out more details:
Here's the link to the Facebook event page:  You Are So Very Beautiful
Here's the link to Mary's blog post about this project:  You Are So Very Beautiful (Collaborative Craftivism)


  1. I was also working on this It is a beautiful initiative!

    1. Great news! Thanks, Marjolein!

    2. That is so exciting Marjolein! Will you be sharing images of your finished ones?

  2. I was also working on this It is a beautiful initiative!

  3. Oh, this post and your signs are so wonderful! Thank you thank you! x

    1. Thank you Betsy! I'm super excited to be able to participate!